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December 31st, 2003
Bud Polatsch - Woodbury, N.Y.
Dearest Laurence, The Town of Oyster Bay has built a beautiful, stately, and moving monument to the local Victims of 9/11. It is on the water, in the Town of Oyster Bay. The Polatsch family wants to thank anyone who was involved in this wonderful project. This is the dawning of a new year. The pain of your absense is as severe and terrible as the day it happened. Time is not healing this wound. Rest in peace our beloved Larry! Pops
December 18th, 2003
Jamie Schneider - Long Island NY
Well I have to say thank you for reuniting me with my really good friend from camp Blue Ridge. I went to the camp website to look up information on you and came across her name, and we have been emailing ever since. Thanks to you I have an important person back in my life. You will be topic of many conversation, discussing the good times at camp that we all had. Think about you all the time miss you tons!!!
December 16th, 2003
Adam Silverman - New York, NY
LP, I went with Meredith's family to Sam Donaldson's house Saturday night for a holiday party (you would have loved it). Although I was briefly introduced to Colin Powell at the beginning of the night, I made sure I pulled an LP at the end of the night and went up to have a one on one conversation with him. I told him about you and contratulated him for kicking some serious Afganistany ass (I am hoping my comments weren't the cause of his emergency prostate surgery Monday morning). I think about you always and am forever changed because of you. Adam
December 8th, 2003
Gary Bell - Weston, FL
LP, So wish you could have met Juliet. Whenever I say her name I always try to use her middle name and when I don't, I am still thinking of you. Can't get rid of the ache in my stomach; the ache from the pain that you are not here. It is amazing that when I talk about you at work everyone is so interested in what type of person you were. After telling them the many stories about you, they all say 'What a great guy'. And my response is always the same 'One of the greatest individuals I have ever been in contact with. Wish you could have met him'. Miss you too much. La Chica La Chica GB
November 30th, 2003
kauf - florida
LP, I was fortunate enough to spend this thanksgiving weekend with a bunch of your close friends. Kaminsky,Silverman,Sticky, and GB. What a great group of friends you have. It's obvious by spending time with these guys, that each guy loves and misses you more then the next. As long as these guys and your family are around, your spirit,joy, and positive impact you have had on people will live on forever. I miss and think about you everyday. Kauf
November 27th, 2003
LP - Happy Thanksgiving. We will be missing you even more today than usual. DP
November 27th, 2003
Jamie Schneider - Long Island NY
Happy Thanksgiving. We will be thinking of you. We are greatful that we have such great memories of you, you will always be in our hearts. Miss you tons!!!
November 26th, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
Just wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. As usual... we are always thinking of you. We miss you... Love, The Eckstein's P.S. We are soooooooooooooo happy for your Mom and Marty!
November 21st, 2003
LP - We had our second annual GLS fund raiser at Pressure last Saturday. It was a huge success. Everyone had a great time and you were missed terribly. We raised a lot of money. Jonny was hammered. Miss you so much. DP
November 15th, 2003
UZOAGBA - asaba
November 1st, 2003
Tanya Zuckerbrot Beyer - New York, NY
Hi Laurence. I bumped into Danny today. Danny was one of my closest friends my freshman year at U of M and through him I got to know you as well. You had the best sense of humor. You and Danny both could always make me laugh. Handsome, intelligent and fun- your parents have a lot to be proud of. I am sorry for your family's loss. Tanya
October 31st, 2003
Happy Halloween
October 23rd, 2003
GLS Memorial Fund - NYC, NY
This is just a reminder that our second annual GLS Benefit is on Saturday, November 15th. This year it is being held at Pressure, 110 University Place, New York City. Tickets can be purchased by: 1. Email your credit card information, address and number of tickets to akaminsky@nyc.rr.com 2. Send a check to GLS Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 2486, New York, NY 10021 3. Call (646) 270-4972 For more information please check our website glsmemorialfund.com. Space is limited. We hope to see you all there. GLS Board
October 21st, 2003
ronny bell - seattle, wa
l.p. Even though you're not here with us you still manage to make us laugh..... This past weekend me, g.b., c.b and some other family members met in vegas for some gambling, drinking (even g.b. had a couple of drinks), catch-up and golf. Not sure when it started but somewhere around the ninth hole corey's golf bag suddenly fell from his cart as he was driving towards his ball. No big deal. He picked it up strapped it in and drove off. One hole later it happened again. Once again c.b. picked up his bag and strapped it in. Again, one hole later it happened again. Now corey's getting a little pissed because he knows he's strapping his bag in properly and it's still falling. Of course over the course of this happening, g.b. is giving corey a little shit because his bag keeps on falling. So i'm sitting in the cart (c.b. and i are sharing a cart)while corey's at the tee and gary comes behing the cart and starts to un-do the strap. He looks at me, winks and goes about his business. As you would expect corey starts to drive off and his bag falls from his cart once again. Corey's now getting really frustarted as he picks up his bag for the 4th time. While he's doing this i'm in the passenger seat hysterically laughing because i now know that gary is fucking with him. Corey meanwhile is pissed and starting to suspect someone is fucking with him. But not knowing for sure, picks up his bag and once again straps it in. A couple of holes go by and nothing happens to corey's bag. On the 17th hole unbeknownst to me gary unstraps corey's bag and as corey pulls away his bag falls again. Except, this time my brother-in-law michael is driving fast behind us and corey's bag gets rammed underneath his cart. I'm not sure what was funnier; having to lift michaels golf cart to get corey's clubs out from underneath, or watching gary walking towards his ball watching to see what was about to happen to corey's golf clubs. Anyway we all were (including corey) hysterically laughing. And not just a good laugh, but one of those that only happend once every couple of years. Once we regroup and pick up the pieces of corey's six iron that broke in two, i broke down and told corey that it was gary who was fucking with him the whole day. Corey confronts gary to let him know that he knows he's been fucked with. G.B. then told us all the story of Jeffrey's bachelor party where you did the same thing to him eight times in one round of golf. He said by the 8th time everyone was laughing so hard they almost pee'd in their pants. We'll l.p. thanks to you, i almost pee'd in my pants this weekend. You're missed, but your legacy will never die. Can't wait to fuck with my friends next time i'm on the golf course. Love, Ronny Bell
October 16th, 2003
Heidi Green - New York, NY
Glad to see there's another benefit this year, in honor of you, Greg and Scotty. Looking forward to it-- I still think about you guys a lot and can't believe it's been 2 years already...
October 15th, 2003
Joan Gold - Little Neck, New York
I found out about Larry on the computer. My heart goes out to your family. My son went to the University of Michigan. He graduated in 2000. Please accept my condolences. He looks darling in his picture. May he rest in peace. Joan Gold
October 9th, 2003
The Bell's - Weston, FL
LP, Happy Birthday My Boy. Thanks for giving me and my family a reason to spend time together tonight. We had a great dinner in honor of you. Love ya kid and miss you too much. The Bell's
October 9th, 2003
LP - Happy Birthday big brother. I can't believe that another one of your birthdays is passing with out you being here to celebrate it with us. We miss you so much. Your friends, Mom, Dad and I will be celebrating your birthday tonight at your favorite place - A&M's. It won't be the same without you. In fact, I heard the bar is down at least 20% per year, since your passing. Happy Birthday. I miss you. DP PS - Thanks for all of those condoms I use to steal out of that draw when I was younger!!
October 9th, 2003
Adam Silverman - New York, NY
Yo LP, The fact that your not here today won't stop us from celebrating your day of birth. A bunch of us, along with your family, are going out this evening to your favorite steak house, A&M. We'll enjoy several martinis while remembering so many 'LP' stories (probably not the Condom one though)...
October 9th, 2003
Michael Mazor - Boca Raton
I was thinking about you last night. When we were around 11 or 12 you decided you wanted to go to the drugstore walk up to the counter and buy condoms except you wanted to sound mature and you couldn’t think of another word for them, you new it started with a P of course I had no clue. The next day we met at Finest shopping center and you told me they were called prophylactics you were all dressed up in you good clothes we walked to the back of the store and asked the girl behind the counter (which I think you had a crush on) for prophylactics she ask you which ones and I said the condom ones she laughed you laughed and said pardon my friend they're for me I would like the extra large ones. We then road our BMX bikes to your house went into your room you opened one of your dresser draws and it was filled with condoms I couldn’t believe it there must have been over a hundred of them (mind you none of us were sexually active at this time and for several years later except for Jeff that’s another story) I said why would you go to the story and buy them when you have a life time supply and you said “ Because now I know I can” Thanks for the memories miss you Happy Birthday smooth move asking for the extra large
October 9th, 2003
Tammie Bell - Weston, FL
Happy, happy birthday LP! Tonight Gary, Juliet, and I are going for dinner for your 35th. I'm sure Gary will have at least one drink for you. We love you and miss you and think about you every day. Love, Tammie
October 9th, 2003
Jamie Schneider - LongIsland NY
Happy Birthday. Miss you tons!!! Thinking of you all the time
October 8th, 2003
Bud Polatsch - Woodbury, N.Y.
35 years ago, tonight, you came into the world. You were smiling then, I pray you're smiling now! We all miss you desparately. We miss the raised eye brow and the ever - mischievous grin. Rest in peace our beloved Laurence. Pops
October 7th, 2003
LP, I went yesterday to visit your new bench in Central Park. I love it. What a great spot they gave you. Miss you so much. DP For those who want to visit LP's bench. Enter Central Park on 72nd/5th Avenue. Make your first right turn down the path that heads toward the pond (where the remote control boats are). Keep walking straight along the pond (pond on your left and concession stand on your right). Just past the concession stand the bench in on the right side (the bench is facing the pond with its back toward 5th Avenue). See you all there.
October 5th, 2003
Bud Polatsch - Woodbury, N.Y.
There are not enough hours in the day for the world to attone for taking you from us all! The unbearable pain of missing you every day does not get easier with time. May God see to it that you're resting in peace. We love you still! Pops
September 28th, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
Happy New year. Wish you were here! With love...Jamie, Steven, Max, Ian and Sydney
September 27th, 2003
LP - Happy New Year. DP
September 22nd, 2003
Dan Mathews - Syracuse, NY
Dear LP: Just stopped by to say that I have been thinking about you. I know you would have enjoyed Blue on Saturday. take care. DAn
September 16th, 2003
Lauren (Cahn Raynor) Weiss - Westfield, NJ
LP-- I ran into a group of your friends this weekend in Ann Arbor. We were all in town playing golf and celebrating the lives of people we knew, loved and lost way too soon. I saw the brick purchased in your memory at Michigan Stadium. I wish you were there instead, as you always brought a smile to my face. It's hard to believe I'll never see you again. I hope you caught the game as we kicked Notre Dame's butt! love, Lauren
September 13th, 2003
Gary - Weston, FL
LP, I just woke up from a dream in which you were in. I'm up now but very sad that it was only a dream. There is not a morning, afternoon, evening, or middle of the night wake up that I don't think of you. Jeff's comments about the girl and two dogs reminds me of the time when about a year ago I tried to pull off that same comment. I noticed a couple walking on the sidewalk with their dog. I was feeling LPish so I said ' Cute', the guy said 'thank you', and I responded with that same line ' and the dogs ain't so bad either'. I realized then that they were not a couple; the girl was only coincidentally walking next to the guy. 'How about those Yankess? They got some team'. See you in my dreams. La Chica. La Chica.
September 13th, 2003
Ross Seligman - Portland, OR
Larry, Last night (9/11/03) we played a show at Conan's in Portland. I've never played your song in front of people before. I began strumming the chords and my consciousness quickly left the room. The band was surprised as they assumed I'd never perform it. It takes too much to sing that song again and again. But I could think of no better way to honor you last night. There was a standing ovation. The best part was that I didn't explain what or who the song was about before we sang it. I stood there and knew they weren't clapping for me. I felt like there was a giant collective toast to you. The CD will be done soon and then the world can listen. I know how much you love music and I would've been so excited to give you a copy. Well, now you're a part of it anyway. We all miss you... Love, Ross
September 12th, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
I tried not to listen to all of the coverage of 9/11 on televison and the radio yesterday and chose just to think of you and your family. I felt that I didn't need to watch the news and to see all of the pictures of the Trade Centers again and again to think of you. We do that everyday anyway. We are always thinking of you, your family and all of the people who love you. Rest in peace. Love and kisses...Jamie, Steven, Max, Ian and Sydney
September 11th, 2003
michele hallivis - ny
Larry, I hope where ever you are that you know how much the world misses you. With time my memories of you, your friendship, and character make me miss you even more. I will remeber you like this: You smiled more than you ever frowned. You gave more than you ever took. The glass was always half full and never half empty. You cared for others more than yourself. You dreamed with no limits and lived like that too. You lived by your own rules and the world was you game. You lived each day to the fullest and made everyone feel special that touched your life. We all miss you, may you rest in peace. Michele
September 11th, 2003
Jeffrey - NYC
LP Everynight when I drive home over the Tri-borough bridge I look towards 'ground zero' and think of you. I miss you so much. Rest in peace. See you in my dreams. Jeffrey
September 11th, 2003
jane schwartzman - bayside,ny
We miss you very much and you are always in our thoughts. I just hope those guys in heaven appreciate all the laughs. Love ya, Aunt Jane
September 11th, 2003
felice - new york, new york
Laurence, I just wanted you to know how much we are missing you. It's been two years and its not the same without you. We love you and will miss you today and always.It is a very sad day for anyone who knew you. Love you, felice
September 11th, 2003
Betsy Polatsch - NY, NY
LP- We miss you very much and will never stop wishing that you were here. I was always so excited to have you as my brother-in-law, but I will forever treasure the fun times we all spent together and how much you made me laugh (just like your brother). Love, Betsy
September 11th, 2003
LP - I can not believe it has been two years since that horrible day. I sit here and think of how great life would be if you were still with us. I thinks about all of the lost conversations, dinners, vacations, holidays, jokes, pranks, etc... I thinks about you all of the time and miss you so much. You have changed my life in so many ways and I promise to make you proud of me. I will be strong for mom and dad. See you in my dreams. Make sure you take care of Betsy's Aunt up there. DP
September 11th, 2003
David Simon
LP, You (and your stories) will be with us forever. Go Blue!
September 11th, 2003
Saul Rosenthal - Greenwich, CT
To Linda, Buddy and Danny: I know that you know what a truly great guy LP was. I want you to also know how many of us are thinking of him and you today. To LP: Memories of you continue to bring a smile to my face. All the best, Saul
September 11th, 2003
MAZOR - Boca Raton
LP was admired and respected by everyone. It is so difficult to accept that you are not with us any longer. You can't begin to imagine how much we miss you. You are in my thoughts always Thanks for your big hugs and a bright smile, too.
September 11th, 2003
Wendy E. Kemp - Tenerife,Spain
Tomorrow is the inaugural concert of our new concert hall, which has been delayed for about 2 years. I dedicate every note we play tomorrow night to your memory. May g-d bless you and keep you and your family. Peace to all!!!!!!
September 11th, 2003
Vince Tobia - Buffalo
We miss you LP.
September 11th, 2003
Laurie Abbey - Raleigh, North Carolina
Larr- Thinking of you and your family. Not just today, but so many days. Laurie
September 11th, 2003
Jamie Schneider - Long Island NY
Good morning, Thinking of you more today than ever. Miss you and always will.
September 11th, 2003
Jami Pelinger - Haworth, NJ
It is 5:30am, and I wonder how your morning started 2 years ago on the tragic day when your life was taken from you! It is hard to believe that 2 years have passed, and that your face and memories are so vibrant in our minds. You are constantly in our thoughts. Lindsay and Samantha have not forgotten their Uncle Larriball! Neither have I!!! We will always love you and your family!
September 11th, 2003
Adam Silverman - New York, NY
Laribol, 2 years today and I cannot accept the fact that I can't pick up the phone and call you. I still constantly tell LP stories and the funny part is, I usually feel bad for the people I tell that never had a change to know you. I always get the same reaction from people - true admiration for what you've accomplished in your short life and how you lived it. 2 years later and you still impact so many lives. Your friends, family, and especially I have truly changed the way we live for the better, incorporating a little 'LP' into our daily routine and appreciating the moment, as you did, when you were with us. Your memories and impact will be with us for as long as we live, and nobody can ever take that away.
September 10th, 2003
Jeff - NY, NY
Tomorrow marks two years since you were struck down by those miserable m********ers. While it will be a day of soulful rememberence for many of us, I did think of you recently and laughed pretty hard. A few days ago, I was walking my dog down 57th Street. As I came to the light, I noticed a very attractive woman in a very tight shirt walking towards me with her two dogs. Thinking of you, I smiled and said 'Nice pair.' As she passed, I added 'and the dogs ain't bad neither.' That's obviously a variation of one your (many) funny lines. Your memory will always be with me and countless others. To those that read this, please do not be offended. One of the great ways to remember LP is through laughter.
September 8th, 2003
Alec Sash
Laurence, I have been thinking of you lately, and I recently read what you wrote in my high school year book. It was warm, funny and encouraging. Three words which sum up the way I remember you. It's been a long time, but in reading what so many have written of you, seems like nothing changed. I only wish we spent time together in the years since the Syosset days. It has been a very long time, but not enough time for me to forget your infectious smile and quick wit. Hope your resting well and at peace. Alec
September 5th, 2003
LP, Finished my first week of work. Great to be back in New York City. Dad told me that they will be lighting up the sky on this September 11th with those two bright lights. I can't wait to see them. I think about you constantly. See you in my dreams. DP
August 28th, 2003
Steven Wasserman - NEW YORK, NEWYORK
I lost a few collegues... I didn't know I lost a someone from CE. LP was a great kid, a super hockey player and a boy I truly have fond memories of...my deep condolences to his friends and family..this really hurts WASS
August 22nd, 2003
Jamie Schneider - Long Island NY
We are going to Long Beach this weekend and as I sit on your bench I will be thinking of you. Miss you tons!!
August 12th, 2003
DP - florence
LP, In Italy now. Thinking how much you would love it here. I know you would take full advantage of the language barrier for some good jokes - just like Israel. Miss you so much. DP
July 28th, 2003
LP - Finally back in NYC. I was in Murry Hill today and had to stop at that dive mexican place we always use to go to - Fresca - when you were working at that real estate firm. Not the same without you. I asked for my dish extra-spicy just for you - now I know why you always had heartburn. Miss you terribly. DP
July 21st, 2003
Gary Bell - Weston, FL
Dear LP, I just finished playing with Juliet. When I am with her I often think about you and what type of impact you had on children. I remember when you were about 14 years old. We were at my grandparents house in Florida. You incited my little 4 year cousin to jump up and down on his bed. I still envison the smile on my cousin David's face. At my dress rehearsal dinner, I remember and also have on tape how you were hanging out with my nephew Aaron at the piano. Aaron, now 8 years old, still remembers you vividly and wishes you were here. I also remember you always wanting to babysit for Jon's nieces. You made such an impact on everyone you made contact with, both young and old. LP, I truly miss you. Life can really be harsh sometimes. GB
July 14th, 2003
Jamie Schneider - Long Island NY
Hey Laurence- It has been a long time since I wrote here. I visit your site almost daily and think of you all the time. Can you please watch over us next week and make sure all goes smoothly. Thanks... miss you tons !!!
June 30th, 2003
David Dorfman - New York, NY
LP - I just received Andrew's letter that he sent out following the Golf Tourney which prompted me to come here... I missed most of the event but Sale, Kauf and I came out for the tail end. The event seemed terrific and I cant wait for next year... I think about you (and Scotty and Greg) all of the time. We've had some great times recently with Danny (the mini, Boston Bachelor Party) and Danny & Betsy (The Wedding!) that I know you would have enjoyed more than anyone. We also took the Yinger out on Thursday night to send him off in style (he's heading to LA for a bit) and following that event which Danny missed, Danny suggested the next Michigan boys night out be in honor of his returning to NYC. I think we all think that is a perfect reason to celebrate! One more (since I haven't written here before), I want to thank you for the first day of Rush which was the first day I met you back in 1989. I really didn't even know your brother at that point but you were so fantastic and warm and funny that I was drawn even more to the folks at 800 Lincoln. You're the best! -Dorf
June 30th, 2003
DP - Boston, MA
We miss you so much. Can't wait to get back to NYC and spend some time with all of your boys. DP
June 26th, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
Hey LP, Just thought I would drop in and say hello. We have been very busy getting all of the kids ready for camp. They are leaving on Saturday. We all miss you so much. REST IN PEACE. XOXO...Jamie
June 14th, 2003
Bud Polatsch - Woodbury, N.Y.
This is the second Father's Day without my big, beautiful, always smiling older son. It hasn't gotten any easier. When will it? No one to tease me, tap me on my forehead, make fun of all my foibles and schtichlich, and make me break up with a mere raised eyebrow or the voice of Dr. Patel. The staff of the White Castle on Route 110.....and anyone who ever knew you, miss you desparately. Rest in Peace. We all love you! Pops
June 9th, 2003
DP - Boston, MA
LP, Bets and I just got an apartment on the upper east side (64/3). Pretty close to where you use to live. I always thought how great it would be to return from Boston and live right near you. It would have been great. We will continue your legacy in the area. We miss you terribly. DP
June 8th, 2003
Mazor - Boca Raton
Just got back from Gary’s house and saw Juliet she is so cute. She looks like me but with more hair. See you in my dreams.
June 7th, 2003
Gary Bell - weston, Fl
LP, It's Saturday night and I am sitting here thinking of you. Although time as gone by and we don't write on this board as often, there still is an ache in my heart when I ask myself daily, why aren't you here? I still can't believe it. There will never be another one like you. I try sometimes to think what LP would do in certain circumstances but it is not the same, although the pain subsides when I live vicariously through you. I am missing you very much. As Jeff always says, See you in my dreams. Love ya kid, GB
May 22nd, 2003
Jeffrey Anikstein - NYC, New York
LP Just wanted to drop in and say hello. A day doesn't go by without me thinking of you. Ethan and Amanda are growing up so fast! I wish you could come over and play with them. Ethan would love you! Yeah baby! P.S Wendy Kemp You really moved far from home. I guess you took the bassoon on the road. Last trumpet is very important. Someone has to play the easy stuff. LP I miss you and still cannot believe it. See you in my dreams. Jeffrey
May 19th, 2003
wendy e.kemp - tenerife, spain-canary islands
May 8th, 2003
DP - Boston, MA
LP, The golf outing was a huge success. A lot of people, food, prizes, etc. Andrew, Jon, and Adam did an outstanding job. I know you would be proud of them. Can't wait till next years outing. Miss you. DP
May 4th, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
We are psyched for tomorrow!
April 27th, 2003
Gary, Tammie, and Juliet - Weston, FL
Yo LP, As Ronny already told you, Tammie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Juliet Lauren Bell (Not Emily.) Throughout the happiest day of my life I thought of three people; Tammie, Juliet Lauren, and You. I so wish that I could have called you and let you know the great news. Your reaction would have been as though it could have been the happiest day of your life. We miss you so much and forever will be reminded of you everytime we look into our baby's eyes. Love, The Bells
April 27th, 2003
Ronny Bell - seattle, WA
L.P., Tammie and Gary gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Friday, April 25th! As you could imagine they're caught up in the excitment of the moment and haven't yet had the time to drop you a line. I'm writing to tell you that though they haven't decided on a first name (as of yesterday it was emily), they know in their hearts that the middle name will be Lauren. Though you are and will always be with us all, now Gary and Tammie will have a beautiful child to remind them of your unique place in their lives. As her uncle, knowing that you are watching over her, makes me a little worried that she might decide to crash some weddings in the future. In the meantime i know she's going to live up to her name's legacy . . . Thanks l.p. for continuing to inspire us all. love- ronny
April 18th, 2003
michele Hallivis - ny
larry, I think of you often ,and always with a smile. You made such an impression in my life in the few years that I knew you. No one cane make me laugh the way you did. The other night I took clients to cafe boloud, and sat in the table that i sat with you. I just kept staring at my client not really listening to anything he was saying. I remembered you eating the salmon wrapped in bacon, and more the excitement in your face to harass all of the staff. How you would flap around the napkin and spill your martini. I remember our last conversation, the sunday before sept 11th. We laughed and told stories about our lives. You told me that Danny was going to get engaged. I asked you if it was weird for your younger brother to get married befor you. You answered, 'I am the happier brother to watch Danny so happy.' You took such pleasure in his joy. I know that you were there at the wedding watching over the happiness that you had seen grow. I know you will be watching over everyone you loved always. Happy passover. love michele
April 16th, 2003
Smitty - ny,ny
I was thinking the other day how you, DP & I sang that song, 'Oh What a Night' in Boca in '91 or '92. I forget the name of the bar (we were pretty bad, though). I thought of that last Saturday when the band played it at Danny & Betsy's wedding. They played it towards the beginning of the night and it was just the start of a song and dance marathon from the Michigan guys that would have made you proud. I can't remember dancing that much, eating that much (that's not true), or drinking that much in a long long time. Tracy and I were two of the last people there and it was clear from the beginning of the ceremony through the end of the reception that you were sorely missed, yet very much a part of the whole evening. You would've been so proud of both Danny & Betsy the entire night. They looked great, danced great (well, Danny was never a great dancer with those feet and all) and obviously make a great husband and wife. I mithed hangin' with you. -Smitty
April 16th, 2003
DP - Boston, MA
Happy Passover! DP
April 15th, 2003
Betsy Polatsch - Boston, MA
LP- I don't really know what to say except that we missed you so much last weekend. I always wished you would be my brother-in-law. I could completey envision how proudly you would have smiled, how great your speech would have been (not that Kauf's wasn't great), and just how happy you would be. I wish with all my heart that you were physically there, but I know you were watching down on us with the love and warmth you are famous for. We love you so much - you will live on in our hearts and memories ALWAYS. Love, Betsy
April 10th, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
duh...I meant HAD an unforgettable time!
April 10th, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston,New Jersey
All week long I have been trying to decide how tell you about Betsy and Danny's wedding. I think that Jon said it perfectly. Thanks Jon. P.S. All of your boys have an unforgettable time but, they missed you!
April 10th, 2003
Jonathan Semon - New York, NY
Danny and Betsy's wedding this past Saturday was absolutely spectacular, words cannot provide an accurate description of this gala event. It was only fitting that it was at the Plaza, a venue LP used to love going to as both an invited and uninvited guest. Of the all the weddings that I have attended during the past 10 years, I have never once needed a tissue to dry my eyes, until DPs and BPs on April 5, 2003. When the symphony played Brothers Part 1 and no one walked down the aisle, I could not help but visualize how proud LP must have been of his brother, and how he would have walked down that aisle with his incredible smile. Even though he was not there physically, mentally I could feel his spirit there as could others around me. It was an incredible tribute, it brought tears to everyone in our rows eyes, thank God Melissa brought a pack of Kleenex. When Danny then walked down to the rendition of Brothers Part II, we were all once again overcome with emotion as DP & LP were and still do epitomize brotherhood. I will never forget this moment for as long as I live and know that LP right now is very PRADA of his brother and new sister-in-law for how they have and continue to honor him and keep his spirit alive.
April 9th, 2003
Irene Vlaskamp-Cornwall - NYC, NY
LP, I feel like I have known your brother for a while as he and my husband are co-fellows. I finally had the honor of meeting him at his wedding. His (and your family and friends')love, admiration and respect for you were evident throughout the evening - what a wonderful person your brother is. The wedding was spectacular - I think I saw Michael Douglas being escorted out - and you have a beautiful, new sister-in-law. Your family and friends' love and devotion to you on this memorial is tangible. Just wanted to let you know that is was equally tangible at Danny and Betsy's wedding - your spirit continues to touch lives in ways that you can't imagine. Thank you. Irene P.S. Could you ask the on-call gods to take it easy on my hubby while Danny is on his honeymoon.
April 8th, 2003
DP - Barbados
LP - You were sorely missed the other night but know that you were there with me every step of the way. Kauf had the difficult task of speaking at the wedding, a job that you had been waiting to do for many years. I kept on thinking about you throughout the night, as did Mom and Dad. You would have been proud of them. Your friends all seemed to have a great time. Below is what Betsy and I wrote in the program given to everyone there that night. Danny and his brother Larry shared a very special relationship. They were much more than brothers, but best friends whose friendship and adoration for one another was obvious to all around them. They shared the same sense of humor, warmth and ability to enjoy life. Danny has chosen not to have a best man this evening as a tribute to Larry, who was truly an incredible person. We are comforted by the fact that Larry knew this day would come, and are certain he is looking down on us with his huge smile. A silver rose engraved with his initials is hung beneath the chuppah to symbolize his presence here tonight. I love you. Betsy and I will always keep this rose close to us. DP
April 6th, 2003
April 5th, 2003
Felice and Jeffrey - New York, New York
Laurence, Tonight is the big night! We are so excited to celebrate with Danny and Betsy on their wedding night. As we celebrate, we will be thinking of you and how happy you are at this moment. We know you are smiling and full of joy as all of your family and friends gather for Danny's happiest moment. We love you so much! Congratulations on your brother's wedding and your new sister. She is so wonderful and we know that you think so too. All of our love, Felice and Jeffrey
April 4th, 2003
Jamie Schneider - Long Island NY
Best of luck to Danny and Betsy tommorrow we will be thinking of you guys.
April 4th, 2003
Tammie Bell - Weston, FL
Hi LP, Well, all your boys are so excited for Danny and Betsy's wedding tomorrow. I am sure they will make you proud. I wish I could be there but will be thinking of you all. Best wishes to you Danny and Betsy. Love, Tammie
April 4th, 2003
Liz Bernard - New York, NY
Hi Larry, I just wanted to tell you that we are all so excited for Betsy and Danny's wedding tomorrow and we know that you will be there with us the whole time.
April 4th, 2003
LP - The big day is close (tomorrow). I am so excited. I am so happy that I told you I was going to marry Betsy that night at Sarafina's. I think about you constantly. I could only imagine the best man speech you would give. I am sure I would be laughing for months. You will missed terribly by all. I am about to leave for the cemetary so I will speak to you soon. You would be proud. See you in my dreams. DP
April 1st, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
Hey Laribol, I spoke to your mom last night. YES...we talked a lot about you. I was telling her some of the great entries on your website. It must make her feel so good to hear how many people care so much about you. We are all so excited for the wedding of Betsy and Barrett the Carrot. It is going to be a great time...so don't miss it. We all miss you so much and think about you and your family all of the time. Wish you were here...Rest in Peace. Jamibol
March 29th, 2003
Elaine Britvan - Melville, New York
Dear Laurence: I hope you don't mind, but I have been reading your 'e-mail.' And I am overwhelmed with how profoundly you have impacted the lives of everyone who has had the privilege of knowing you - even briefly. The intensity with which you are loved, admired and missed grows even stronger with the passage of time. Although you are not physically present, please know that you are very much with us every moment of every day! Mom's friend, Elaine
March 28th, 2003
Lorraine - Warwick, NY
Dan, Good Luck with the golf outing! Lorraine
March 22nd, 2003
DP - Boston, MA
LP - Just thinking about you. Getting excited for your Golf outing. Andrew is doing some job planning it. You would be proud! Miss you. DP
March 13th, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
Laribol, The other night I was on the phone with Felice and Jeffrey...we all had a great laugh. We know that you were laughing too! Hugs and Kisses...Jamiebol
March 12th, 2003
Lorraine Portelli - Warwick, New York
Dear Danny and Betsy, I hear that you are going to celebrate your wedding anniversary in a few weeks. Best wishes for a very 'Happy Anniversary'! You have a very lovely family and lots of real nice friends. May you enjoy sharing your special day with them. God Bless, Lorraine
March 12th, 2003
Tracy Smith - New York, NY
Larry - Although I unfortunately did not get the chance to know you, I feel like I do. After reading this guestbook on a regular basis, constantly hearing stories about your from my husband, and from spending time with Danny and Betsy, I realize that it is my loss that I never had a chance to spend time with you. You have the most amazing family and friends who will continue to admire you for the rest of their lives. Your brother is one of the funniest (I have to say 'one of' in case my husband reads this) and most sincere people I know, and from what I hear you were just the same. We will all be thinking of you as we celebrate Danny and Betsy's wedding in a few weeks. You are missed! - Tracy Smith (Smitty's wife)
March 11th, 2003
Lorraine Portelli - Warwick, New York
Dear Vince, Perhaps you could scan those photographs and send them in an e-mail to Larry's Family and brother. I know that they would love to have a copy of those happy memories. Just a thought! Lorraine
March 11th, 2003
Vince - buffalo
LP-I think of you all the time-all the fun we had together in Syracuse, at the Super Bowls, in the City. I've got some great pictures of you I dug up the other day. I miss you.
March 10th, 2003
Lorraine Portelli - Warwick, New York
Dear Larry, I can't stop thinking about your life and all those who love you still! Funny but we share the same initials... Today I turned 50 and after reading about how you lived your life and thinking about it all... I have come to realize that there is so much more to life. Thank you for being the kind of person that many admire and hope to be like... I pray for your family... your parents... your brother... your girlfriend... your friends... I lost my son at the tender age of 6 and I miss him still... I can understand your dad's sorry and deep love... I can relate to your mom's sadness and concerns... I can feel you brothers pride and admiration... I can imagine Marni's loss and life without you... Take care of yourself... you are missed loved and cherished still!!! God Bles You!!! Lorraine PS Just an admirer that happended to come across your lovely tribute and rememberance!!!
March 6th, 2003
Lorraine Portelli - Warwick, New York
The Gift A blessing and a prayer ~ A smile and that glow These are the things that I will take wherever I may go The memories that I hold so dear, just knowing you are near Will light my way and warm my heart for all my days and all my years All those memories ~ All those feelings that are special to me Are captured in the essence of all you are and all I knew you could be The treasures of life are in your smile, in your touch and I wish so much That we could once again be side by side ~ I miss you now. I don’t know how I can ever get use to this, but I must try to be brave The gift was when you were born and we stood up all night long Just to gaze at the beauty of you ~ just you! Your childhood ways and all the sharing and caring are still part of your memory Still part of the love we take with us each and every day! The gift was when we first met and yes, I can still remember when All I could do was think of you! The gift was when we took our vows and yes I still do ~ love you! The gift was when our children were born and the little things we shared all along The gift was just an ordinary day, when you always knew just what to say! The gift was in a parent’s touch and the reassurance that I have your love I do and always will have your love and remember you ~ you have my love too! Yes, dad you are so special to me, the best there could be! Oh, mom, you’re the best and in my heart your love will rest! The gift is you! “Your smile ~ your ways” And nothing in the world can ever take your happy memories away! I am thankful for the times we shared And The magic of your love! by Lorraine Portelli Wishing you peace ~Wishing you love Wishing you blessings from above “God Bless and keep you in his loving care”
March 6th, 2003
Lorraine Portelli - Warwick, New York
Family and Friends, My prayers and thought are with you always! I came across this web site today during the snowstorm and I have read all of the messages in the past few hours. I am deeply touched by LP's humanity. God Bless You All! Lorraine
March 3rd, 2003
Bud Polatsch - Woodbury, N.Y.
Larry worked for several summers during his schooling at what is now North Shore University Hospital at Plainview. A memorial bench has been installed there, in his honor. It is located just outside the Ambulatory Surgery Pavilion. May he rest in peace!
February 28th, 2003
Smitty - Ny, NY
Went to Boston last weekend with Millen, Dorf, Raskin & Ying to visit with Danny. We had an unbelievable time. It was nice for all of us to get away and spend some quality time with your brother. He has so many great pictures and memories of you around the apartment. I'm sure he tells you all the time that he will never forget you, but it is clear from spending time with him that you are such a big part of his life. You should be very proud of your brother. We all are.
February 24th, 2003
Felice - new york,ny
Hi Laurence, We were thinking about you and wanted to let you know how much we are missing you. Ethan and Amanda are getting so big and we wish that they had gotten to know you better. Ethan saw a picture of you and asked who you were and Jeffrey told him it is daddy's best friend. We love you today and always. Love, Felice
February 20th, 2003
the Shark - NY, NY
LP, Like so many others, thinking of you puts a smile on my face. I am going up to see Danny tomorrow in Boston with a few of the other Michigan boys for DP's east coast BP. You are lucky to have a brother who loves and cares for you so much. I know that will never change. jam
February 14th, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
February 13th, 2003
Jamie Schneider - Long Island NY
Hi Laurence, I have not written in a while but that does not mean I am not constantly thinking of you and your family. Miss you tons!!!
February 12th, 2003
Gary Bell - Weston, FL
Yo LP, I am sitting here thinking that great things are happening for me. Tammie is pregnant, I just purchased a nice house, and I have a great job. Everytime I think of my fortitude, I end with a strong ache in my stomach thinking that you are not here. It really hurts. When I ponder the past I always think of the Woodbury crew, Equinunk, and the times we all spent together in NYC. I remember those times and think that those were the DAYS. Miss you kid and am always thinking of you. La Chica! La Chica!
February 9th, 2003
DP - Boston, MA
LP - Went through some unpacked boxes here in Boston while on-call this past weekend. I found some video footage from my medical school graduation party at Morenos. You gave a few of your famous LP winks to the camera along with one clasic 'Yoooo!' It brought a huge smile to my face and then a tear to my eye. I miss you so much. DP
February 6th, 2003
Laura Silver - new york, ny
Larry, I only met you once, out in the hamptons, but I heard many funny stories about what a great guy you were. My husband Harris Silver, who joined you, where ever you both are now, on Jan 13, 2003, spoke of you often since your passing. Please take good care of him and hopefully you can feel all of the love our families and friends are sending you both. Love, Laura
February 4th, 2003
2/4/03 - Boston, MA
LP- Just wanted to let you know that even though I haven't written in a while, I still think about you every single day. We miss you so much! Love, Betsy
February 3rd, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
Adam...WOW, what's going on? L.P. Harris Chris
February 2nd, 2003
Adam Silverman - New York, NY
LP, Keep an eye out for my college roomate Chris. He passed away this past Friday after loosing his battle against Cancer. He was so much like you in that he had a heart of gold. Always with a smile, he enjoyed life very much like you did. Save a stool at the bar for him! Life is not the same with out you LP... Adam
February 1st, 2003
DP - Boston, MA
LP - Thinking about you each and every day. You are the best brother anyone could ever ask for. You taught me so much during the past 30 years. I miss you more and more each day. See you in my dreams brother. DP
February 1st, 2003
January 31st, 2003
pete kaufman - fla
Lp, just got back from vegas where we had DP's bachelor party. We had a great time but I know if you were there it would have been that much better. You were definitely on my mind and the rest of the fellows the whole weekend as we tried our hardest to make the b-party first class all the way, as you would've wanted. DP stayed in one of the nicest suites at caesars. You would've loved the room. I miss and think about you everyday. Kauf
January 26th, 2003
jeffrey anikstein - NYC
Laurence Well today is the superbowl and Adam is hosting a little party at his house. All your closest friends are here. You are surely missed. Buddy sent over a bunch of pictures from your past. They bring back some great memories. I miss you and think of you everyday. See you in my dreams. Jeffrey
January 24th, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
Hey Lutero, Exactly one year from today we will be celebrating Max's bar mitzvah...A black tie party that you wouldn't have had to crash. We wish that you could be here to be a part of his day. We miss you and we will be thinking about you...as always. XOXO...The Eckstein's
January 23rd, 2003
ronny bell - Seattle, WA
LP, Just a note to say that you are in my thoughts often. When things are a little frantic in my life, i think of you and the way you lived your life and it changes my perception profoundly. Thanks being different. errronny
January 22nd, 2003
Peter Hyman - New York, NY
LP- Well, well, well....I'm sure you having the last laugh as those of us down here bear the brutality of an abnormally cold winter. Remember those long walks to the Frieze building? This makes that seem like a stroll on the beach. But I imagine you have a nice tan and a drink in hand, looking on and laughing. You would be proud to know that, in addition to a number of other money-losing pursuits, I'm now doing a fair bit of stand-up comedy (your famous quip about my 'voice not being monotone, or anything like that' notwithstanding). I'm sure you'd get a kick out of the act (there's a funn brazilian bikini wax bit)...but, more importantly, I wanted to let you know that my skills were honed from the many, endless hours we spent privately joking and riffing when, in point of fact, we should have been wrtiting poli sci papers (or, at the very least, reading so we could write papers). I suppose all of this a typically long-winded way for me to say thanks, I miss you, and you're in my thoughts often. See you at the next comedy show. Your pal, /pdh
January 16th, 2003
Andy Sommers - New York, NY
The one and only LP- I have come to the site often and reading the emails makes me either smile or tear, and sometimes both at the same time. We had some very special laughs back in AA- times I will always remember. I regret that we did not stay in touch post-college as having you around more often would of clearly meant more smiles. I thank you for all of the smiles and think of you often. Your memory continuosly reminds us of the need to (and how to) live life to its fullest and to never lose focus of the importance of surrounding yourself with great friends and family.
January 15th, 2003
Tammie Bell - NYC
Hi LP, I just arrived in NYC a few hours ago and I cannot stop thinking of you. Gary and I miss you so much and are always reminiscing of the good times with you. Please know you are always in my thoughts. With love always, Tammie
January 15th, 2003
Adam Silverman - New York, NY
LP, Unfortunately we lost another friend, Harris Silver Monday night! The only comfort is knowing that he will have you to show him all of the best bars in heaven. I'm sure you will take him under your wing and show him the ropes. Adam
January 9th, 2003
It’s been a long time since I’ve written, but not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, tell an LP story or just smile as I pass one of your old spots in the city. I ate at a restaurant last week called Lawrence Scott. The food was okay, but the name brought back many memories. I told Melissa and our friends that Scott was your stage name for picking up women and began to tell a few great stories that demonstrated your talent. I have been temporarily retired for two months now and continually get flashbacks from my hiatus eight years ago when I was in between jobs. We went to happy hour at MaryAnn’s at least twice a week to get the free pitcher of beer with every two margaritas. I think you got me drunk more times that four months then all four years at Michigan. Melissa, Max and I just spent five weeks in Florida and were able to have lunch with Linda; and Adam and I are supposed to have lunch with Buddy this weekend. You would be very proud of both of them - they are very strong people. I still can’t believe you never met my son, Max. He can walk and talk, and definitely would have been an asset for trips to the park. Life is not the same without you. I miss you and our friendship.
January 5th, 2003
Jamie Eckstein - Livingston, New Jersey
Hey Lutero, It has been a while, but that does not mean that we have not been thinking about you. We saw your mom while we were in Florida. She looks great... but there is an obvious piece missing from her. Happy 2003 and we will be in touch. XOXO...The Eckstein's
January 4th, 2003
m. brooke robertshaw - eugene, oregon
hi, i only met larry through my friend faith kaminksy, and that was months after he died. i have heard stories that haven't been shared here. he sounds like the kind of person we all want to have in our lives. i just want to offer all of you my deepest sympathies, condolances. my greatest wish is for peace to your hearts and sweet memories that never leave.
January 3rd, 2003
felice and jeffrey - newyork, new york
Hi Laurence, Happy New Year! We miss you and are thinking about you. We love you and wish you were here with us. Love, Felice and Jeffrey
January 1st, 2003
Bud Polatsch - Woodbury, N.Y.
The world is much more complacent about 9/11/01. We, that love you, still have a raw, painful,almost unbearable ache in our hearts. We weep at your memory. We long to see your big smile or demonic grin, once more. Rest in peace, our beautiful Laurence. Pops
January 1st, 2003
Mazor - Boca Raton, FL
HAPPY NEW YEAR We miss you and still can’t accept the fact your not with us. We think about you a lot and it always starts and ends with a laugh. Thanks MM
January 1st, 2003
Mazor - Boca
HAPPY NEW YEAR We miss you and still can’t accept the fact your not with us. We think about you allot and it always starts and ends with a laugh Thanks MM