In loving memory of Laurence Polatsch

This website was created to honor a great friend, brother and son, and preserve the memories that we cherish and experienced with Laurence. Saying that Laurence was a unique individual would not do him justice. He could light up any room with his smile, make a stranger feel like a lifelong friend and was always there for his friends and family. Laurence thoroughly enjoyed life and always left a memorable impression on those he encountered. The guestbook is filled with stories, anecdotes and thoughts about his life and how he shared it with all of us.

Laurence Polatsch

Once again, please join us in remembering Laurence by creating new memories while sharing stories about LP and his spirit. This year, we have turned our fundraising efforts to support two mental health programs. The COVID-19 pandemic era ushered in a new set of challenges for youth in the United States, leading to a mental health crisis as declared by the United States Surgeon General just over a year ago. We know Laurence would be extremely supportive of funding these programs.

The Adolescent Inpatient Unit at Zucker Hillside Hospital and Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center treats teens with unsafe behaviors and intense emotions, and has sadly been operating at full capacity since its inception 18 months ago. Funding would provide additional innovative therapies and exciting privileges to these patients.

The Mental Health and Well-Being Student Advocate at The University of Michigan is a newly created position that will work to provide knowledge, coordination and support to Michigan staff as they work to support student mental health and wellness needs.

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